Cliff House Robe + Body Care Package for Him

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Cliff House Robe + Organic Male Body Package for Him includes

Cliff House Plaid Robe 

+ OM4 Revive Body Wash

+ OM4 Renew Brightening Body Scrub

+ OM4 Hydrate Brightening Hydration Body Cream

OM4 Revive Body Wash 

A creamy body wash that helps to deeply nourish and hydrate skin. Great for dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin to help soothe as well as brighten dark spots. 

OM4 Renew Brightening Body Scrub 
A body scrub with potent skin brighteners – Bearberry, Vitamin C and Rhubarb that combine with Glycolic Acid to scrub away dull and sun damaged skin.
OM4 Hydrate Brightening Hydration Complex Body Cream 
An ultra hydrating and brightening body lotion that helps to detoxify and infuse the skin with powerful antioxidant-rich oils and extracts. 


About OM4  

OM4 Organic Male is the first skin type and condition-specific professional men’s line to launch in the US. On the leading edge of performance-based, green science organics, OM4 globally sources clinically-advanced, socially-responsible ingredients to target the unique biological skin differences and concerns of men. The brand mantra: 4 PRODUCTS | 4 STEPS | 4 MINUTES | 4 MEN. Color coded by skin type with each step numbered, OM4 is intuitively designed to be fast, easy and effective. OM4’s core business is to help partners: (1) grasp the psychology of selling to men, and (2) capture a greater percentage of the fastest growing market in spa.

  •  Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Vegan